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About Krueger

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Since 1948, Krueger has been a market-leading manufacturer of air distribution solutions, delivering quality, innovative products and providing first-class customer service to the HVAC industry.

While maintaining a focus on essential products such as grilles, registers, diffusers, and terminal units; Krueger has vastly expanded its product offering to include specialty products such as chilled beams, displacement ventilation, and underfloor products. To satisfy sustainable building needs, Krueger also provides a wide selection of environmentally responsible solutions that extend opportunities to earn LEED Points.

For exceptionally-critical applications, trust Krueger, a worldwide leader in operating room diffusion systems, to deliver clean air to patients for the most intrusive surgical procedures. Our custom engineered Sterilflo System is the only system which has been tested during actual surgery. It’s just one of many reasons why you can specify Krueger products with confidence.

Working closely with organizations such as ASHRAE, AHRI, and the U.S. Green Building Council, Krueger has been instrumental in driving the improvement and generation of many industry standards that are in place today. Continual investments in technology and software allow for precise engineering, innovation, and development of air distribution solutions that provide superior performance and meet ever-changing construction needs.

Throughout the year, Krueger hosts training sessions at their Institute of Technology. These meetings focus on educating engineers, architects, and contractors on how to select, specify, and properly apply air distribution products for optimal occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Complete with live demonstrations and product displays, Krueger’s training provides the information, tools, and smart design practices that can be used immediately.

With five strategically located manufacturing facilities throughout North America, demanding construction schedules are met by utilizing over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing capacity! For compressed timelines requiring next-day delivery or quick-turnarounds, Krueger is able to leverage additional warehouse space to ensure your products arrive on-time.

From retrofit offices to state-of-the-art hospitals, from populated schools to expansive stadiums, you can rely on Krueger to deliver exceptional air distribution solutions every time.