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ASC is home to several leading brands of air distribution and indoor air quality products.

About Titus

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As had been their legacy, Titus continues to advance every aspect of their business to meet the changing needs of customers and HVAC professionals world-wide. Their web site is no exception to this. They have changed the look, feel, functionality of their web site to better reflect the spirit of Titus and passion they have for serving the needs of everyone that their products and services touch.

At Titus, our goal is very clear - to help the people who depend upon us by continuing to innovate and advance the science of air distribution. We are guided in this work by our commitment to building on opportunities that significantly improve the health, efficiency, comfort and aesthetics of the environments in which our products are used.

Titus delivers on this through an unwavering commitment to a set of core values:

  • We are united by the passion we have for our work and caring for the people we serve.
  • We are focused on long term commitments, not short term gains - building on our strong, enduring heritage that invests in the future to address needs where they are the greatest.
  • We set our sights on innovating solutions that advance the science of air distribution.
  • We are intent on achieving the very best results for those we serve by setting and living by our own high standards.

At Titus, we have a more personal working environment because all employees are serving one another in a way that creates a sense of community. As such, our employees look upon their work not as an occupation, but a vocation...not a necessary chore for making a living, but an opportunity for personal development and fulfillment by serving the needs of one another and our direct and indirect customers.

Why has Titus continued to lead the industry for over 60 years? Our employees are viewed as having unique individual value with dignity and worth independent of the work they do. Each employee has a real sense of unity and commitment to the other, each contributing their invaluable work, so that their collective efforts result in Titus continuing to set the standard for excellence in the industry. Titus dedicates itself to be a company which looks outward to the needs of HVAC professionals and the people they serve. This dedication is based on our mission: to help HVAC professionals deliver better products and services, and to make life better for those who use our products.